Sex determination

By means of DNA research

Sex determination

By means of DNA research

Gender determination of birds can be done with DNA research. DNA is the main carrier of hereditary information in all people, animals and plants. It contains the code for hereditary characteristics such as the color of your eyes. DNA looks like a double helix: two strands revolve around each other like the railings of a spiral staircase and the steps of that staircase are formed by four bases: A, C, T and G.

In birds no clear gender-related characteristics are visible at a young age. At a later age the sex is usually seen in the developed feather garment.

Sex determination can take place with the help of DNA analysis. This involves looking at a specific piece of DNA on the sex chromosome. The DNA of the bird is located, for example, in the tip of the feather. This DNA is extracted from the feather. With the polymerase chain reaction, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), the specific portions of the very small amounts of DNA are multiplied until enough of it is analyzed. These are then visualized with electrophoresis.

The W gene is specific for female birds and the Z gene occurs in both sexes. When it is a female the 2 fragments W, Z are visible. In a cock only 1 fragment Z, Z.

With this technique the sex of almost all bird species can be determined with great certainty.

Bird Genetics: For the sex / gender determination of your birds

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Sex determination with Certificate


You will receive the results by email and a unique, official gender certificate by mail. You will receive a separate certificate for each bird. With this certificate you can prove that your birds have been sexed by means of DNA research.

Sex determination without Certificate


You will only receive the results by email, you will not receive a unique, official sex certificate. The DNA results are listed in tabular form in your mail box.