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Your birds ♂ or ♀ ?
Bird Genetics determines the sex of your birds.
We analyze DNA in our own laboratory.

We will only process your order if you order and pay via our webshop.

Select the desired sex determination

Sex determination with Certificate


You will receive the results by mail and a unique, official gender certificate by mail. You will receive a separate certificate for each bird. With this certificate you can prove that your birds have been sexed by means of DNA research.

Sex determination without Certificate


You will only receive the results by mail, you will not receive a unique, official sex certificate. The DNA results are listed in tabular form in your mail box.



  • Sex determination

    Select the desired sex determination: with or without certificate.

  • Fill in data

    Select the number of birds and fill in the details of your bird (s).

  • Complete order

    Check carefully that all data have been entered correctly and choose a payment method.

  • Send feathers

    Send the feathers of your bird (s). You will receive a confirmation when we receive your post.

  • DNA results

    ou will receive the results of the DNA analysis (s) by e-mail and, if selected, your certificates by post.

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Quick delivery, within 3-5 business days

Sharp price

Own DNA laboratory

Clear unique certificate

High service


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