General questions

My bird does not have a ring or chip, can I have a DNA sex determination done?

Yes that is possible. You can also enter a different characteristic of the bird, such as the name or a striking appearance / color. This is then stated on the sex certificate, so that you recognize the bird.

How long does it take before I receive the results of the DNA test?

If your e-mail address is known to us, you will receive a receipt e-mail at the moment the feather samples arrive at us. After receiving your payment and your (feather) samples, we immediately start with the DNA research. The result is known within 3-5 working days. You will receive an e-mail with the result (s) of the DNA test. The gender certificates will be sent to you by post as soon as possible.

From which bird species can Bird Genetics perform a gender determination?

Our list of bird species has been extended. We have already successfully analyzed a large number of bird species. Besides parrots and parakeets, we also analyze toucans, pigeons, touros, cardinal-like, partridges, fancants, chicken, passerinas, songbirds, seabirds, crow-like, starlings, thrushes, birds of prey, owls and ratites.
Sometimes it is possible that we ask for reference material. We ask you to send feathers from a proven man and a proven woman.

Collect and send feathers

How old must my bird be before I can take off feathers?

The DNA of the bird is the same throughout life. As soon as the bird has feathers and you can take them out, they can be used for sex determination. Only feathers with a clear point are usable.
If you want to know the sex of a newborn chick, it is also possible to send the egg shell to our DNA laboratory. We advise you to let the egg dry before packing it for shipment.

Where do I put the feathers in?

You can put the feathers of a bird in a sample bag or paper envelope. You use one sample bag or envelope per bird. You automatically receive new sample bags from Bird Genetics with your ordered sex certificates.

Can I conserve pulled out feathers?

Yes, you can keep pulled out feathers when they are dry and do not contain blood.

Preferably keep them in a dry and dark place.

Can I bring the feathers in person?

Yes that is possible. You can issue the feathers at Boterweg 37 in Erp.
If you can not draw any feathers yourself, we can do that for you. You must first contact us by telephone.

Ordering and payments

How does ordering on the website work?
  1. Choose Sex Determination: go to the webshop and choose whether you want to receive the gender determination with or without a certificate. You choose the number of birds you want to have examined.
  2. Fill in data: you enter your personal details and you can create an account. Or you log into your account previously created account. You fill in the data of the birds: bird species, color, ring / chip number.
  3. Complete order: you check your entered data and choose a payment method. After your payment you will automatically receive a prepared order overview with order number in your mailbox.
    You can add this form to the feathers samples and sent them to our laboratory.
  4. Send feathers: send the feathers of your bird (s). You will receive a confirmation once we receive your postal item.
  5. Result: you will receive the results of the analysis by e-mail and, if applicable, the certificate(s) by post.
What payment options do you offer?
  • iDeal
  • PayPal
  • Creditcard (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa)
  • Bancontact/Mistercash
  • Bank transfer
Can I still send feathers in the old way, without using the webshop?

No, we will only process your order if you order and pay via our webshop.

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